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Image by Kentaro Komada

The Story

A life well-travelled and a passion for hospitality have come together
to create a truly special experience.

Louise Adam portrait

Living and working in Saudi Arabia for many years, and yet to decide upon plans for 'retirement', it was a passing remark from a Sri Lankan friend that set my compass on a new adventure...intrigued by the allure of a tropical paradise I had not yet visited, I decided to seize the opportunity and experience it without further delay.

From the moment I set foot on Sri Lankan soil, I was captivated by its rich heritage, revealing itself through ancient temples, vibrant festivals, and a tapestry woven of ancient traditions. The idyllic landscapes - with their lush tea plantations, pristine beaches and mist-shrouded mountains - seemed like scenes from a dream.

Within this vibrant mosaic of Sri Lankan life are many silver linings adorning every moment; the warmth and hospitality of the people, their genuine smiles and open hearts leave an indelible mark on one’s soul. I have found golden treasures in the form of friendships that transcend borders and cultures, connections with kindred spirits. 

I’ve discovered that in Sri Lanka every experience becomes a cherished memory, whether it is exploring ancient ruins, savouring cuisine bursting with exotic flavours, or simply revelling in the tranquility of a sunset that paints the sky in rich hues of gold. 

The breath-taking landscapes and the welcoming people of this enchanting land have become for me the backdrop for a new adventure filled with joy, pleasure and meaning; my hope in opening the doors of Agandau House to guests such as yourselves, is to share not only my home with you but also my love for magical Sri Lanka. 


Sri Lanka is indeed a ‘treasure island’ -  a place made of silver linings and golden treasures - Ag and Au ... Agandau.


I look forward to welcoming you to Agandau House.

Kiwis have a reputation for a love of travel, for exploring all corners
of the globe, seeking out experiences and adventures of every kind.
I consider myself a typical New Zealander in that regard, and have been fortunate to visit many countries, experiencing diverse cultures and witnessing the beauty of countless landscapes.

Louise Adam
Agandau House Host & Proprietor

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